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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Asal weekend je mesti xdok umh..ade je plan asben aku buat.xleh nk dok diam,die ske sgt bejln.klu xblk kg,mesti g jln2.mmg perangai die klu cuti ske g jln...i follow je...heheh... so, weekend lps,kitorg bwk la iman g petrosains KLCC.mule2 plan nk g zoo negare,pastu asben aku ckp iman blom besar die xreti lg.so, g la KLCC sbb kitorg pon blom penah masuk petrosains tu.mmg best gile dlm tu..tp xdpt nk nikmati sgt.phm2 je la ade baby kan... ni ade la gmbo sket.jom zarsssss....... byk lg gmbr,tp mls nk upload.so, kite tgk yg ado je la....k.


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