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Monday, July 20, 2009


yuhuuuuu.........mandi time

ske tgk camere
time 2 eat...buat petame kali nye iman mkn.ske tgk die da pndai mkn...skrg kitorg bg je ape yg sesuai utk die mkn.iman mmg suke sgt mkn, same cm mammy n abah gak.hahahha.....pantang tgk org mkn die pon mengelitek la nk amek makanan org.terhibur tgk gelagat die skrg.....
hahah....comotnye anak mammy....

ehhh......da bg mkn mengejek plak.biase lg die eh....babap kang
emmm.....sedap mamam

jalan lagi.....
manje mammy n abah


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